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Welcome to the Renewed Website of Green Energy Services

Green Energy Services B.V. (GES) is the service and maintenance company for wind turbines in the Netherlands and abroad. GES is specialised in the maintenance of Micon, Nordtank, NEG Micon, Nedwind, Bouma and Vestas wind turbines.

The GES mechanics have been involved in the construction and maintenance of most (NEG) wind turbines since 1993. GES has recently given her base of mechanics a firm update, so she now has the biggest (NEG) Micon expertise in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, GES has broad experience with the worldwide purchase and sales of used turbines and the accompanying construction and disassembly projects. Green Energy Services also has its own expertise of specific hoisting activities at its disposal, which can also be performed on a project basis.

These many years' experience makes Green Energy Services a reliable partner: the management of your turbine(s) is in good hands. You can turn to Green Energy Services for every specific turbine situation, regardless of what it involves - new development projects, secondary offering projects, maintenance, breakdowns, repairs and/or replacement of main components. Green Energy services performs all activities itself.

Are you already equipped with one or more turbines or do you have a location for a turbine? We would be glad to get in touch and share our knowledge of the wind industry.