Wind turbine service and maintenance

We perform maintenance on various brands and types of wind turbines.

It is always better to prevent a fault from occurring in the first place than to resolve it.

  • A-quality: While performing wind turbine maintenance, we only use A-grade parts.
  • Original components: Whenever a component requires to be replaced, only original components are used. In combination with proper maintenance, this means that the lifetime of the wind turbine is maximised.
  • Alternatives: We are always looking for alternatives and developments in the market that will lead to improvements.
  • Troubleshooting: If there is a technical problem we solve it.
  • Specialists: We work with well-trained and specialised technical teams.
  • Wind turbine Service & maintenance contract: Green Energy Services provides various options for wind turbine service&maintenance contracts. We match up the contracts to the requirements of the owner.

If the wind turbine stops despite all the precautions that have been taken, a quick and appropriate response is required. Therefore, on receipt of a fault message, our team of service technicians will immediately take action to ensure that the wind turbine is brought back into normal service as quickly as possible. Dispatch will be within 24 hours (if remote) or on site.





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