Wind farm and wind turbine management

Green Energy Services has many years of experience and expertise gained in the field of wind energy. In combination with our professionalism and high-quality (technical) knowledge, we can also provide optimal management solutions for wind turbines and wind farms. The ultimate goal is to increase wind turbine performance and thus the return on investment. Additionally, optimal management will relieve the wind turbine owner.


We work with specialised technical teams comprised of well-trained specialists. The service technician is already familiar with the wind turbine and can adjust his work activities accordingly.

A-quality components:

Guaranteed safety and minimum wear


Daily monitoring of defects and/or faults. Analysing the data generated by the wind turbine.

Effective fault resolution:

Resolution of faults within 24 hours by remote control. If necessary, a technical service team will be deployed on site to deal with the fault. Refer to faults text, read more.
Inspection after or during maintenance: Internal inspection of completed (maintenance) work on site.
Registration: The updating of log books detailing all maintenance work carried out and any outstanding points.

Total package

Move-on: A combination of continuous online condition monitoring, insurances, service and maintenance. The goal is the provision of a package comprising three specialisations matched to each other to minimise risks and maximise returns. Refer to brochure, which can be downloaded.





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